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Target offers a wide range of products and services dedicated to the design of ceramic surfaces, collections that represent a flexible combination between industry and craftsmanship in order to ease the development of new technical and creative solutions.


We are the seditious of beauty : different, original, creative.
This is the reason why we see things differently and consider ourselves the atelier of ceramics.

A vision reflected in all our projects: customizable, handcrafted and unique wall, floor and interior design ceramic solutions.

Becoming the Italian reference point for ceramic surfaces to us means investing in research and in the creation of a synergistic system of strategies, processes, advanced technology and people.


Target was established in that territory that is the excellence of ceramics in the world, where we became familiar with the know-how, the knowledge of materials, techniques and technologies. A set of elements that have made us proud heirs of the craftsmanship we come from. A pride that has now evolved into being a reference point both for the ceramic industry and the “made in Italy”.


Target supports a long-lasting design concept, conceived as a new aesthetic form combining art, beauty and practicality. A concept that recounts cultures, people and places by relating them with colors, textures and materials re-proposed in a contemporary key.


Target aims to grow with passion, dynamism and teamwork while respecting each other’s diversity.A concept that creates cohesion and synergies, enhances individual skills and supports resources.


Target supports its entire production with technologies designed to reduce polluting emissions that allow to operate with maximum energy efficiency thus creating hygienic products, free of harmful substances, in absolute respect for the environment and sustainability standards.

  • The origins

    Target was established in 1996 as a third fire studio, dedicated to the design and production of decorations applied to the industrial sector of modern ceramics, wall and floor tiles.

  • Target’s first exclusive collections

    A new phase of development begins with the aim of producing and marketing its own product lines. The Unica brand is born.

  • An international recognition for Unica

    The Unica brand is awarded with the ADI Ceramic Design Awards at Cersaie in Bologna.

  • 14oraitaliana joins Target

    In view of creating a strategic pole of Italian surface design, the 14oraitaliana brand was acquired. The goal is to create a new positioning, a single identity able to incorporate different brands, strengthening the uniqueness and excellence of Target.

  • FuoriFormato is born. A new recognition for Unica.

    The FuoriFormato large slab collection is born.
    The Maxe collection by Unica wins the German Design Award Special 2017.

  • Co: Lab is born

    The Co: lab division is born, designed to respond to professionals and contractors with tailor-made products and services.

  • New commercial expansion and new awards.

    The turnover of 15 million euros is achieved. The sales network also opens up to new European markets, in the United States, and in the Far East. The FuoriFormato brand is awarded with the ADI Ceramic Design Awards at Cersaie in Bologna.

  • Launch of the Iris Apfel collection.

    Iris Apfel, the famous fashion icon, signs the new Target collection. A line of ceramics representing the synthesis of our work philosophy and our vision without clamping down creativity and imagination.

  • To be continued…


Our top-notch firing and decorating plants allow us to daily produce 500 sq.m. of handcrafted or digitally decorated tiles and slabs.

Firing system

With a temperature of minimum 830° celsius, our firing system gives the decorated surfaces a very high resistance to shocks, scratches, wear, heat and chemicals.
The process also allows the colors to resist the action of UV rays for a long time, while maintaining the aesthetic characteristics both indoors and outdoors.


We are able to bevel and glaze the edges of our 6 mm slabs. This process allows to hide the color of the support thus solving any aesthetic problems.
The refinement and peculiarity of our process is emphasized especially in the coverings for furnishings, furnishing objects and accessories.


Our in-house staff of designers, artists and architects creates collections that must first of all be original. Like their creativity.


The FuoriFormato collections are also ideal for being applied on furniture and some designs can be resized upon request. We have also created a contemporary style furniture line with the FuoriFormato products.

Custom tailoring

Our internal division CO: lab offers the possibility to design, draw, cut and process large slabs and tiles in an artisanal or semi-artisanal way, thus allowing the customization of environments and furnishings with a custom-fitted ceramic product, made with digital, embossed and three-dimensional handcrafted decorations.

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